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Electrical & Automation supervision

Our electrical and automation supervisors deliver a wide range of skills and competencies which make us a valuable partner.

Our supervisors take charge but also motivate electricians to increase their productivity and meet work goals. They also ensure the proper maintenance of equipment, compliance with electrical codes and adherence to safety regulations. Our electrical supervisors assist with electrical system installation, troubleshooting and repair as needed and test all the electrical challenges from tender to full scale operation.

We are specialized in the erection, troubleshooting, test and commissioning of wind turbines including staff training.

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Danish Wind Supervision

Østre Alle 102
9000 Aalborg

Henrik Kristensen, Project Director

Phone: +45 4053 1776


Call +45 4053 1776, fill out the contact form, or send us an email at for a special offer on Danish Wind Supervision.

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